Perseverance And Social Responsibility In Patricia Mccormick's Sold

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Perseverance is something everyone should use it shows that when times are tough keep pushing through even when times may show that it is impossible. Sold is about a Nepalese girl named Lakshmi, who is sold into sex trafficking to a woman who goes by the name Mumtaz by her stepfather. Lakshmi thinks she's going to work as a maid with a woman who she calls auntie but is soon to realize that is not what she will be doing after her long ride to the “Happiness House”. The other girls in the house help Lakshmi by giving her small but helpful pointers throughout their time in the house. The only help she can get is from American men who barely speak her native language. The article Diary of an Escaped Sex Slave written in 2011 children of ages of young as 5 are sold to sex trafficking for money. Patricia McCormick, the author of Sold illustrates Lakshmi as an example not to give into hard times in the “Happiness House” , which teaches the people of the world even when times are tough you should push through and look for positives in tenacious situations.…show more content…
Even though that this house is very different than her own home she learns to get used to the routine. This quote shows how Lakshmi shows perseverance, “I pore over the book that shows all my careful penciled entries: The money I have earned and the money I have payed Mumtaz, for makeup, for nail paint, for the rotten rice that is my daily dinner, for my bed, for the visits from the dirty hands doctors. Today I will show Mumtaz my calculations… and I’ll be out of here by this time next year.” (page 223) This shows that Lakshmi wants to get home as soon as possible and she certainly tries as much as she can to stay as little as possible in this terrible

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