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Epiduo- “A Teen’s Salvation” In today’s society it is common for many advertisements to be directed to young adults. As the years went by, young people suddenly became very conscious of their own identity. Countless numbers of youth marketing (clothes, lotions, movies) have been implemented to the continuous increasing number of users. Moreover, although most teenage advertisements tend to focus on selling consumer goods, some can be beneficial and produce outstanding results. Such is the case of Epiduo, an acne cream that can improve skin texture and decrease the chance of getting breakouts. The skin product advertisement by epiduo is effective in trying to persuade its targeted consumers into buying its products due to the use of logos, ethos, pathos.…show more content…
However, people can be persuaded by the product because it was recommended by health professionals. Since doctors possess good ethos, people respect them and we will be more willing to believe what they say. The epiduo advertisement claimed that the “typical gel can prevent breakouts and improve the appearance of skin”, making it more appealing to their target audience. The advertisement tried to persuade the audience with emotions. The epiduo ad heavily relied on pathos to affect people. Logos and ethos were mixed together with the money back guarantee statement. That statement can appeal to the buyers in a positive way by making them feel better about their purchase. The advertisers were trying to use facts in the ad so it could be more believable. The commercial does not overwhelm the audience with information about the medicine that only dermatologists would understand. Instead, the steps were laid out in easy terminology that seems to be a logical way to combat

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