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We all have a certain view of ourselves that cannot be unchanged. We all look in the mirror sometimes and tell ourselves that we might need to lose a few pounds here and there. One night while sitting on the couch eating your favorite snack, a commercial pops up on the television. It starts off with a female spokesperson asking you, the viewer, are you overweight? Do you need to lose a few pounds? You start to look at yourself and say, why yes I do. You watch the commercial as it states that they have a pill that you can take that mimics liposuction called Lipozene. You reach for the phone because you want to lose that weight! Right then and there the ad has grabbed your attention to purchase its product. You start doubting yourself asking, does it work? Given that our nation has a high obesity rate, just about anything weight loss related will garnish a high population of people who want to lose weight. My goal is to break down the ad using Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Can the ad be successful when missing either of the three? I hope by the end of the analysis you can draw your own conclusion as well. Let me start by describing the ad in detail and then we can point out some good and bad examples of Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. The ad starts off with a…show more content…
Let us start with logos. We see throughout the ad that we are told that there is evidence that this product actually works on eliminating body fat from the body. We are told this by a female spokesperson that we are to assume is a medical professional. There is nothing on the ad that states that the person selling the product is a medical professional. I would prefer to see someone selling a product with their title on the screen, whether it is a doctor or someone familiar with medical knowledge that can state how this product works on the

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