Transaction Processing System Case Study

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1. Student is to explore how smartphone can help to enhance the Transaction Processing System in mobile commerce performance as a smartphone user. Transaction is a business operation such as customer order, purchase order, receipts, time cards, invoices and payroll checks in an organization. A Transaction Processing System (TPS) perform routine operations and serve as a foundation for other systems. Transaction Processing System (TPS) is an information processing system for all business transactions involving collection, modification and retrieval of transaction data. There are two types of Transaction Processing System (TPS). Batch processing is a system that whereby business transaction are accumulated over a period of time and prepared…show more content…
Student is to provide your view on implication of internet towards the capabilities of Decision Support Systems. Decision Support Systems (DSS) is an interactive computer based system designed to help the decision makers to use all the resources available and make use in the decision making. In management many a time problems arise out of situations for which simple solution may not possible. To solve such as this problems people may have to use complex theories. The models that would be required to solve this kind of problems may have to be identified. Decision Support Systems (DSS) requires a lot of managerial abilities and managers judgment. People may gather and present the following information by using decision support application: - Accessing all of the current information assets, including legacy and relational data resources, cubes, data warehouse, and data marts. - Comparative sales figures between one week and the next. - Projected revenue figures based on new product sales assumptions. - The consequences of different decision alternatives, given past experience in a context that is described. (Boylan,…show more content…
For an example, in a sales problem if there is multiple decision variables modeled as a simple linear problem but having multiple optima, it becomes difficult to take a decision. Since any of the multiple optima would give optimum results. But the strategy to select the one most suitable under conditions prevailing in the market, requires skills beyond the model. It would take some trials to select a best strategy. Under such circumstances it would be easy to take decision if a ready system of databases of various market conditions and corresponding appropriate decision is available in the internet. A system which consists of database pertaining to decision making based on certain rules is known as decision support system. It is a flexible system which can be customized to suit the organization needs. It can work in the interactive mode in order to enable managers to take quick decisions. People can consider decision support systems as the best when it includes high-level summary reports or charts and allow the user to drill down for more detailed information. By using the internet, a Decision Support Systems (DSS) has the capability to update its decision database. Whenever people feel that a particular decision is unique and not available in the system, the manager can chose to update the database with such decisions. This will strengthen the DSS to take decisions in

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