Unethical Business Practices At Nortel

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Nortel Networks Corporation was a huge Canadian telecommunications corporation that took off in the 1990’s; at its most successful the company accounted for over 37% of the Toronto Stock Exchange Composite Index value, had a market capitalization in excess of $350 billion Canadian dollars, and was ranked as one of the largest firms in the world (Collins ,2011). Nortel was praised for having strength across the board in its product market, and for focusing on the fastest growing wireless and broadband communication segments. In just 5 years Nortel tripled its sales and multiplied its pro forma operation profits several fold (Collins, 2011) - to the outside world, Nortel seemed unstoppable; however, due to numerous unethical choices Nortel quickly…show more content…
For starters, the analysts began to justify high-priced acquisitions; they paid $3 billion dollars to purchase the company Qtera that had no sales. Additionally, the stopped critically scrutinizing accounting changes that had revenue impacts. After having their all-time high of $398 billion dollars in the year 2000, they dropped to just $5 billion dollars in market capitalization just two years later (Collins, 2011). There were numerous accounting financial irregularities that had manipulated results. It was later found out that senior executives within the company were altering Nortel’s revenue numbers to fabricate profits to receive greater performance related bonuses (Nortel, 2012 )-which is completely unethical. Also, while the company was spiraling downward, numerous company executives continued to receive bonuses despite the fact that Nortel was unable to pay out stocks to their shareholders. Additionally, these executives were also found guilty of providing false information to the public, which altered the financial predictions of the company to shareholders. At this point, numerous lawsuits had ensued and over 60,000 employees were left without jobs (Collins, 2011). The company was eventually completely destroyed due to these unethical decisions, and they were forced to

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