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process and analyse information from secondary sources to describe cataracts and the technology that can be used to prevent blindness from cataracts and discuss the implications of this technology for society · Describe causes of cataract formation. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. A lense is the clear part of the eye that helps focus light and images onto the retina which is a tissue that is light sensitive at the back of the eye. The eye's lense needs to be clear for the retina to process a sharp image, however when a cataract forms it foggs up the lense making the picture seem blurry. The eyes lense is primarily made up of water and crystallin proteins, these proteins may become oxidised causing the…show more content…
Other symptoms include glare or light sensitivity, double vision when looking with one eye as the retina does not receive accurate enough information to form a defined picture as well as seeing a change in colour saturation. Second sight also can stem from cataracts, this arises from the cataract acting as a stronger lense and for a short period of time improving the ability to see things up close. However this disappears as the cataract worsens over…show more content…
It is a tiny piece of plastic that sits in a transparent capsule behind the iris and in held in place by ligaments. An IOL works the same way as a natural lense however it is made from plastic perspex. The IOL’s shape and size are designed to fit perfectly inside the lens capsule. A stable and centered IOL provides the best chance of correct focus and clear vision it is also about a third of the size of an american dime. IOLs can come in different forms to suit different needs such as the common monofocal IOL, multifocal, Accommodating and toric

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