The Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Environment

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Cory McPherson May 19, 2015 Professor Goll Organizational Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility: The Environment During the late 20th century and early 21st century a business trend called corporate social responsibility has grown in popularity and necessity. Corporate social responsibility has been defined as a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model with the intentions of benefitting both the company but the community as a whole. In recent years the public has become distrustful of businesses, after highly publicized meltdowns such as Enron, World Com and Arthur Anderson just to name a few. These incidents were caused primarily…show more content…
Local businesses are the heart of small and large towns all across America. Companies hire local workers and buy raw materials from other local businesses. If a firm were to downsize, close or move away the economic effects in the town would be detrimental. A company must also abide by local and federal laws and regulations in order to be in compliance with legal parameters. If they operate within these rules they are given a business license and sales tax number. Companies should also evaluate the role and impact of their decisions on communities from an moral perspective. This includes taking a greater responsibility for determining how they can assist in improving communities. Companies can give back through gifts, grants or via other resources. They may also provide employee volunteer programs. Ways to incentivize employees to give back by representing the company from philanthropic lens. In return the company gets back a positive feedback through community relations. Some of these benefits include employee leadership skills, less reliance on government agencies, improving the quality of life for the citizens and finally establishing/fostering a ethical climate throughout the…show more content…
So the hope is to find a perfect balance between making money and ensure the future sustainability of our planet. One company that is leading the charge in the battle for the planet is Vivendi. Vivendi is a French telecommunications company that has been ranked one of the most socially responsible companies in the world. They have lowered their carbon emissions and have used solar power to fuel more than 600 of their sites. They have also raised their corporate standard to be aligned with the United Nations Global Compact. They are also uniquely one of the first companies in the world to have tied employee salary and bonuses to the company’s environmental and social responsibility

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