Why Should School Start Later Essay

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Should students have to wake up at 5:00 a.m in the morning to get ready for their school. Many students also get tardy at school because it is too early in the morning for them to get ready to come to school. Schools should start later in the day because it helps students improve in school. Later school start impacts students performance. It also prevents sleep deprivation. This also helps increase awareness around students. Schools should start later in the day because it impacts on students performance, prevents sleep deprivation, and increases awareness, because of the reasons above schools should start late. To begin with, schools should start later in the day because it impacts the students' performance. On a website called Master of…show more content…
On Michigan health website a quote by Dunietz, part of the U-M Sleep Disorder Center says, “ If their bodies don’t feel tired until 11 p.m or later and then have to be at school before 7:30 a.m, many of these teens experience a chronic sleep deprivation”. This means that if teens don’t feel tired by 11:00 p.m they might have sleeping problems ( sleep deprivation ). Because of teens getting less sleep it might cause them to get fatigue. The effect of this is that people will lose or gain weight and will be more tired and less focused because of the amount of sleep they got. All these are effects of sleep deprivation. Unquestionably, schools should start later in the day. Another reason, schools should start late is because it increases their awareness. On a article called Pros and Cons of Later school start times, member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says, “Lack of sleep impacts performance by reducing concentration, creating, attention, slowing reaction times. Increasing distractibility, impairing decision-making skills and causing forgetfulness”. This means that students become weak at school and because of that those teens get really sick. Also, teens can forget what they learned at school because they didn’t have enough sleep. The effect
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