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Imagine school during the afternoon, when your mind is clear and fully ready for school. Everyone looks prepared and ready to learn. There are no late students, everyone is present and on time. Students find it difficult to wake up on the morning, especially high school students. Logically, if schools start later in the morning, it will improve the norm of all students. I will explain why students find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Also, why students may have more time to complete assignments. Additionally, students are given the energy to start school. In conclusion, schools should be scheduled to start later in the morning. Firstly, students find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Students tend to stay up late at night. With this in mind, students don’t get enough sleep and will struggle to wake up at an early time for school. Also, school starts early. Some students don’t wake up at an appropriate time to get prepared. As a result of this, students are brought into a rush and may sometimes forget important items to bring to school. Additionally, students may not have enough time to do…show more content…
Since students are given more time in and out of school, students can stay up late at night finishing assignments without having to worry about their sleeping schedule. After all, school would start later in the morning and the student would still have enough time to be prepared for the next day. Considering this, students may have an increased pass rate. With more time given to do at home, students are sure to complete and hand in assignments on time. Besides this, students have a more balanced schedule. Students could both enjoy their free time before and after school with enough time to do their homework. The fact that there is more time given, students could potentially be happier while maintaining their grades. Therefore, that is why schools should start in the

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