Why Sleep In Angela Hungelmann's Essay Should Schools Start Later?

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Bryan Ochoa Professor Goward Critical Reading September 29 2014 What is sleep? Is your child not getting enough sleep? Is he sleeping in class? Well in the article, “Should schools start later? Medical reasons to delay” by Angela Hungelmann, she implies that teens are not getting enough sleep, which can cause them to have sleep deprivation. Nowadays, teen are not getting their eight hours of sleep that can cause them to have health problems. There arguments about how sleep correlates with sleeping and how well students do not do good in school, and that extra sleep gained does improve the scholastic outcome. The issue is that students are not getting enough sleep to be in class. Students are not going to sleep early because they…show more content…
Hungelmann uses anxiety along with sleep deprivation because both words are allied. Students are stressing over not sleeping their full eight hours, as well of not finishing homework at night so they stay all night doing it. She mentions that anxiety plays a big role in the student’s brain, which causes students to be worry. Secondly, depression is one the biggest factors that students are experiencing. Many of the students have some kind of illness because they are not sleeping well or since they are up all night. Lastly, repercussion, which causes students to gain weight, slow response in class since your brain is asleep it does not want to thin. In addition, students have a hard time to process new…show more content…
She also gives examples of how students are affected by sleep deprivation. She wants to advice parents and teaches about the problematic issue that is going on. For example, Hungelmann, states that parents have signed a petition regarding to having school start late, however the school board of education has denied that request. Hungelmann has attended schools as well talked to parents about the dilemma. As a child psychologist, she wants the best of her clients. By informing their parents, as well as teachers there could be a possibility that school might take action by changing schools

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