Essay On Getting Good Grades

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“This D- is one of the best players on the team! He’s completely ignoring schoolwork just to play football! It looks like this grade hails from a school that allows you to play sports even if you fail classes. Let’s take a look at his stats: he has no plans for life except for playing in the NFL as a career despite the fact that less than 5% of student athletes go to the pro’s. We just had an interview with him, he said that education does not matter him because it’s just not important to him. We asked him why he doesn't even try to get good grades, and he asked why he should get good grades if he gets nothing out of it. That was a great game! It looks like this team is set to head towards a life of a low paying job, financial insecurity, and no college! All…show more content…
The sports would be the reward, and the bad grades would be the punishment. Having fun playing sports with their friend would push a child to succeed in their schoolwork even more than the constant threat of bad grades. Now, the people who think we’re better off with allowing people to play sports no matter what say that not wanting to get bad grades and punishment for achieving low grades is encouragement enough. They are right to a certain extent, but they are forgetting a key factor: resentment. When a child keeps getting punished or negatively reinforced, he/she will start to resent the person who delivers the punishment. Resentment is a seed to a tree of an even bigger issue, bearing fruit of nothing but pure negativity and malice. If the child starts to build up too much resentment, it could lead to rebellion, lashing out, or worse. Everybody, no matter how calm or well behaved they seem is affected by resentment. A good example to prove this would be from one of my own experiences. When I was in second grade, we got a new safekey (where staff would watch us at school until it was class time) staff. This safekey staff was mean, they favoured random kids and
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