Why School Should Start Later Essay

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School should start later in the day even though it would end later. Schools should start later because it would decrease the amount of car crashes teen have because of drowsy driving, it would decrease anxiety issues and to stop congestion on the roads. AAP is the American Academy of Pediatrics. The University of Minnesota did a study this year that showed students are doing better in school/getting better grades because of starting later. Many kids that aren’t getting enough sleep struggle with depression, anxiety, attention span, and learning issues. Parents started a petition actually on February, 2014 called Start School Later, this resulted in Seattle schools passing the act. Because of lack of sleep, kids struggle with anxiety, and depression. Kids are not getting…show more content…
It takes a great amount to have an organized system. The bus driver has to wake up at an extremely early time in the morning along with the students who get picked up early. Being safer on the roads could mean starting school later. It would be less dark outside so you could see your surroundings and you could worry less about kids on the road. Kids and bus drivers have to wake up at a very early time in the morning and that can cause accidents on the road. Kids and the bus drivers could get hurt on the road because of the sky being super dark, and the roads being super slick. Administrators and teachers are responsible for what the kid is doing in the classroom, if the lack of attention span or the teacher starts to notice behavioral issues, that could be from the lack of sleep that the kid is getting. Administrators should change the time on when kids can get to school. Let’s say you get stuck in a traffic jam, or road construction. You would need more time to get to school. Having a later school day could prevent congestion on the road and help kids get to school on time. Due to traffic being busy, kids could be late to
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