Persuasive Essay: Why Should School Start Later?

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Good morning sleepyheads, it’s too early in the morning to be in school. Later school start times would be beneficial. The trouble is, only 20% of the whole nation has start times at 8:30 am or later. Schools should start later because it’s beneficial to children’s health, makes their learning more effective, and youth would have a better status of mood. Schools want what’s best for children’s health right? By starting school later, it ensures their health. According to, “Students who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep also tend to have higher rates of anxiety and mood disorders...” Anxiety and mood disorders are something we don’t want in students, so by letting them sleep in, the chance of them getting these problems are lowered. Letting the students got to school at a later time also stops many health…show more content…
For example, young people will be more alert when they drive. In a 2008 study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, crash rates of cars decreased by 16.5% in the two years after a school district was moved an hour later, in comparison to statistics from two years before. It is proved that sleeping in helps reduce car catastrophes; it’s because the student drivers have enough energy and will focus more instead of half-watching the road with bleary eyes. To add on, according to, youth won’t be as likely to develop eating disorders, suicidal ideation, behavior problems, substance abuse and more. Good characteristics about behavior will be beneficial, so there’s no reason why schools shouldn’t start school early. Students will also be more active in class. Since they would have enough sleep, they can truly pay attention during class. Student+later school start time=good mood and attitude. It’s a win-win for students and

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