Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Argumentative Essay Have you ever wanted to wake up on your own time and not by an alarm clock. When you go to school that's starts an hour later than any other school you are able to get more personal activities done before you go to school, some students have jobs to earn an allowance and having time in the morning will allow them to spend time with their friends after school. Do you ever ask yourself if you have enough time to eat a delicious warm pancake breakfast with blueberries and syrup, if you school starts later than others you are able to eat pancakes. To start, late start school is better for teens health by obesity and physical depression. The students that go to schools with late start at their school, have had fewer incidents and tardies because they feel more enthusiastic and are less sleep deprived, making them very unsightly. Their math and reading scores have been higher since the sleep they are getting has made them more alert. The students are happier and there has been less bullying. Teens have school hard enough already and they need to be able to sleep. There is so much going on in the world that could tempt them and they need to be able to focus and know what's is right.…show more content…
Judith Owens says “that after school activities push bedtimes later so kids aren't getting enough sleep making them more tired in the day”. ”Percentage of students who were able to sleep eight hours went from 16.4% to 54.7% and kids sleeping during class went from 49.1% to 20%”. if schools did not have late start school teens would sleep during class and they could get detention bad grades and even get expelled. When teens get an extra 30 min. of sleep they already feel better and are able to accomplish more activities. Imagine how they would feel if they could get an extra hour of sleep, bullying could start to reduce all over the world if students had late start
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