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I have always been interested in weapons. I have always handled and trained with weapons. I have made it my goal to learn about new and old weapons. You often see people using weapons, but you never hear of their origin or original use. This paper will cover the major weapons of the three major eras: stone, bronze, and modern age. The first weapons used by humans were spears. Spears were used to kill small to medium prey, such as: deer, rabbits, beavers, and other various mammals. The spear was made by sharpening the end of a stick; rolling the stick in a fire, then rubbing it against a stone. Michael Marshall of states that “The first spear was found in Germany now near Schoningen.” It has been recorded that chimpanzees have used…show more content…
Bronze was much stronger than bone, stone, and wood. Bronze was capable of being shaped and molded into shapes. These shapes were capable of being formed into daggers, swords, iron spears, shields, and armor. Bronze is also capable of being finely sharpened and can remain durable much longer. In the year 500 BC, bronze tools had begun to take form. One new major weapon was the dagger. Daggers were meant for close rage protection. Daggers now are very important and improved upon. The dagger was capable of fast deadly movements. The last major weapon was the sword. says, “The first sword was dated around 17th century BC”. The sword was long which gave the used a longer reach from melee attackers. It was also capable of fast attacks which was a huge advantage at the time. It also gave the user more control. The bow was a major weapon in 1415. Bows are capable of long rage attacks. It was also extremely quiet and easily made. Jon Feffer from making a bow says, “The bow was made by taking a piece of flexible wood and a rope and tying it together”. Bows are very important to hunting today but their downfall was because they are only capable of single

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