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Stephanie Lin Sister Rossetti/ Brother Wilson Hamlet Essay A1 Hamlet, one of the first greatest tragedies ever written, undisputedly contains an abundance of literary techniques which propel and evoke the emotions of the readers and how we feel about the characters. However, readers best gain an understanding of characters in their control over language. After Hamlet states that he will “speak daggers, but use none”(III.ii.366), the idea that words are equivalent to daggers and prevail over action is suddenly brought to light. Each character’s manipulative nature is clearly shown in their ability to alter moods, stimulate actions, and propel reason through words. In Hamlet, words are the most powerful weapons and can be seen as manipulative, poisonous, and deadly.…show more content…
One prime example of a character whose scheming use of words allowed him to stimulate actions is Claudius. Claudius exploits language and uses it to his advantage as he changes his manner of speech in accordance to his audience. For example, Claudius says, “Not that I think you did not love your father, but that I know love is begun by time, and that I see in passages of proof” (IV, vii, 111-113). Essentially, he guilts Laertes into believing that if he does nothing to avenge his father’s death then he never really loved his father. Hamlet is another character who manipulates words to his advantage. His words are weapons against Ophelia. His words, not his actions, cause her to commit suicide. He told her to go to a nunnery rather than become a “breeder of sinners” (III.i.122-123). In this instance, the power of words act as driving tools that force other characters to unfavorable mental

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