Argument Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control in the United States have long become a debated issue for centuries and have reignited after the Newton, Connecticut shooting that killed 27 people, including the gunman which was killed in less than five minutes, and 20 of them schoolchildren ages 6 to 7. This happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School where Adam Lanza fired one bullet roughly every two seconds. It was, however, not the only case that brings gun control as a topic of debate. Many other shootings and massacre have brought people to vote for a stricter gun law. Even though that’s the case, there are also Americans who support the right-to-carry as what the National Rifle Association (NRA) have non-stop campaigned about. The reason to why I choose this particular topic as my essay is because I find that gun control is an interesting and an even more important issue to be discussed and have deeper knowledge about. The availability of guns for civilians may not be the only reason these shooting and massacres happen. Social economic reasons as well as mental illnesses are also contributing factors to these misfortunes. However, I believe that gun control and…show more content…
If the NRA succeeded on making the Supreme Court passing a bill to right-to-carry, then danger of civilians owning a gun may be possessed. From the arguments I have mentioned in this essay, I have clearly stated my stance on the gun control issue for I oppose the right-to-carry because I believe that guns should only be available for the trained police force or the military. However, if a gun possession by civilians is not going to be banned, at least a stricter rule on the use of firearms must be implemented so misfortunate events such as shootings and massacres can be avoided and the victims of these events can be, if not down to zero,
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