The Cold War In George Orwell's You And The Atomic Bomb

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August 6, 1945, was a date that changed humans relationship to war, and state power. At 8:15 am the local time the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and even in the after five years of wars, the significance was not lost. Two months later, George Orwell wrote a piece entitled "You and the Atomic Bomb," this was his way of reckoning with what happened, and in the essay, he looked towards the future. Importantly, he outlines what happened for the next fifty years of history, a Cold War. To understand how Orwell was correct in articulated the relationship between that US and Soviet in the context of nuclear weapons, and one needs to look at the nuclear strategy of the United States in the postwar years. In the nuclear strategy, there was based on nuclear weapons, the changing nature of war, the perception of living in a state of war, and the rationally of nuclear weapon combined with separation of the means and ends within the context of war. These overlays with Orwell argument of the history of civilization as the history of weapons. In October 1945 Orwell wrote a piece entitled "You and the Atomic Bomb"; the argument of…show more content…
The perception of ‘peace but not peace' that Orwell wrote about in 1945 affected state action and international relations. Part of the nuclear strategy was how did nuclear weapons affect international relations because it was an issue that was not just about war. Nuclear weapons hung over international relations, and it led to calls for international treaties against the use of nuclear weapons. However, the importance of balanced state system was more rational than a treaty, because a treaty dis not effectively deters weapons (Kaplan, 32, 1983). The enforcement mechanisms are difficult or non-existence for international treaties. The effect of nuclear weapons affected international relations and US response to Soviet

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