Knives Better Than Guns By Molly Ivins

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What makes knives better than guns? Is it because a bullet will catch up with the Flash while trying to run for his life? Or do knives give people the best five second chance to run for their lives? Honestly, they’re both freaking weapons. Yes, those who are out of their minds shouldn’t be sold to any weapons kinds at all. However, getting rid of guns is kind of a bad idea. What happens if the United States were under attack? How are the military going to respond if there weren’t any guns? By using a sharp blade with a wooden stick at the end? First, those using the knives are going to be the ones who are going to be killed first. Seriously, the attackers would be like “oh you going to me attack with that?” It’s a joke. Molly Ivins, writer…show more content…
If she was trying to persuade gun supporters to change their minds, then she wasn’t very successful. Ivins states that she’s a supporter of the second amendment. “Fourteen-year-old boys are not part of a well-regulated militia. Members of wacky religious cults are not part of a well-regulated militia”.Was this suppose to entertain people or change their minds? Some people would find it offenses to refer religious culture as wacky. Some countries don’t have well regulated militia, which results in the lack of protection the country needs. For example, If a country doesn’t have enough members to serve in the military than they are most likely to get teens to join in . Ivins uses terms like “gun nuts” and “psychosexual hang-ups”. Really? She finds this to be entertaining. For example, victims’ families of those who have gone “gun nuts” would be very disappointed with this type of connotation. Ivins won’t gain respect if she address things this way. She should be considerate to the families rather than make a joke about the things the families have experienced. Another example of what Ivins finds entertaining is “Guns don’t kill people” is “patent nonsense”. After having said that she then counterattacks her own argument with a question. She decides on giving examples as to why people should get rid of guns. Although, her stance in this part is clear, the issues with the rest of her essay is that it makes it harder for the reader to understand what she’s trying to say. She doesn't go indepth with her arguments and then moves on to something else. If this was to entertain her audience then she succeeded, but if it was to change their pointview of guns, then it’s an epic

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