In A Cold Dead World: A Short Story

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In a cold dead world, a world full of fierce beasts and hidden terrors, a new life is just beginning... "Ahhhhhhh!! Fuck god damn ittttt!!" A beautiful blonde womans agonized scream echoes through the small cave. "You're doing great Danielle, just keep pushing!" the woman's husband, a stern-looking black haired man with a resemblance to modern models attempts to comfort her, In his hands lies an orb which emits a constant white light. "God damn it Edward shut the hell up before I bash your face in!!" Danielle threatens through the pain. "Ahah, she told you!" A grizzly looking brown haired man laughs at his captain's expense. "Flint, Shut up and wall off this cave already before we attract a swarm of unwanted guests!" Edward glares at his…show more content…
throughout the night opening the cave entrance to let in fresh air... ------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning the group packed up their supplies and headed out of the cave, looking out at the rising purple sun and the gray sky. "Hahhhh... If we ever get home I'm never returning to this hell.." Dale frowned at the once foreign sky. "Mm, an adventure wasn't all it was cracked up to be... Danielle held her still sleeping baby in her arms, she had checked to see if he was okay throughout the night, as normally a newborn would not sleep for such a long time, but his breathing stayed normal and he appeared fine. "We will go home, it's just a matter of ti-" Edward began to comfort as he looked at the almost unbelievable site that stood before them. A black gate of swirling gold energy. "Wha... Hurry! Get through before that bastard decides to close!" Dale grabbed his sister by her arm and pulled her towards the gateway, the rest following behind him at a fervent speed. Swiftly they entered through the gateway, one instant they were in a dead forest, with a gray sky above their heads and the next they were surrounded by armored knights in a vast field, blue skies lie above
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