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The weapons of WWII helped change the war greatly. Without the advancements in weapons technology, the war most likely would have lasted even longer. In WWI, many new weapons like tanks and machine guns started to be used by the US military and other militaries, which were greatly improved in WWII. Some of these improvements could be found in planes, sub-machine guns, more accurate rifles, higher capacity magazines, etc. The weapons of WWII changed the war and subsequent wars by helping people become more effective at eliminating the enemy. The Allied Forces were the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, Norway and Denmark. The 3 main were the U.S., Britain, and France, but all were of their side. They had many weapons that they used to kill the enemies. One weapon used by the Allied Forces was vehicles. There were many types of vehicles used in WWII, but some of the more common were the British AEC, an armored car, the Russian B-2 bomber, and the U.S. M2 tank. Another way the Allied Forces’ weapons changed the war was with their small arms. Small arms used in WWII include, but are not limited to the Russian Mosin- Nagant rifle, the U.S. M3 “Grease Gun” sub-machine gun, and the British Enfield no. 2 handgun. For these reasons, I believe the weapons used by the Allied Forces…show more content…
One thing used by the Allies was minesweepers. This would cut a rope attaching a mine to the ground under sea and let the sailors destroy it safely. The Allies also used some hidden weapons or tools to help them. They had pen-pistols, hidden knives, and buttons that doubled as compasses. This helped them greatly if they were ever abducted. A final piece of equipment used by the Allies was the atomic bomb. There were two atomic bombs, and both were used. They varied in size and power, but both helped greatly to end the war. With these, the Allied Forces tactics and equipment helped greatly to end the

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