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Abstract Water is an asset for a country. Resources of clean ground and underground water are crucial for a nation. Water is the basic human need. It is needed in all major everyday activities. Other than that we are so much water dependent that most of our country’s well-being also depends upon water. Pakistan being an agricultural country is very much water dependent. Crop production directly depends upon water. We trade these crops and earn from it which is the main source of our economy. Thus, water directly affects the economy. Further, water is also used in hydro power plants. Energy production in Pakistan is greatly water dependent. We have dams that reproduce energy through water. But, we have been suffering from a water crisis from day one. Here we are going to discuss this water crisis and some suggestions to solve it. Questions • What was the water crisis faced by Pakistan after independence? • What was ‘The Indus Water Treaty’? What was decided through it? • How is water crisis threatening Pakistan? • How the Water Crisis is also a cause of Energy Crisis in Pakistan? What was the water crisis faced by Pakistan after independence? On independence, Pakistan was without a proper substratum to set up a new Islamic state. Pakistan had to face innumerable problems at the verge of independence. One of those issues was the water…show more content…
This unjustified division became the cause of water shortage in Pakistan. According to UN the root of the water is not changed .even it passes through different countries. General roots of the river are always maintained. Since this was in the clauses of the international law that an upper riparian country cannot interfere in the existing irrigation system of the lower riparian country so the flow of water was partially

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