Water Crisis In Africa Essay

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Water Crisis in Africa Water makes up seventy percent of Earth’s surface. In several countries, there are many people that struggle for fresh water, for example Africa. Countries that do have the privilege of having fresh water should help the countries that struggle. With the help of others, fewer people will suffer from the lack of clean water. Africa and Asia itself have 5.5 million people that die from waterborne diseases. Waterborne diseases are caused from the lack of clean water. There are four main diseases that are caused by unpurified water, which are hepatitis A, cholera, amebic dysentery and typhoid (Waterborne Diseases – Institute water for Africa web). Waterborne diseases can cause problems with the liver, blood, gallbladder and small intestines. The reason people get waterborne diseases can be from drinking…show more content…
Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans (“What Are the Causes of Water Pollution in Africa?” web). Water pollution in Africa are caused by mining, agriculture, deforestation, or urbanization. The higher ranked people in Africa tend to not realize how their sewage from toilets or showers can result into water pollution. Most Africans rely on agricultural to live but little do they know; water pollution is also caused by agriculture (Water Poverty.” Living Water Africa web). The farmers may leave soil uncovered and it will cause soil erosion. Fertilizers and pesticides that the farmers use in the soil would wash away with the soil when it rains and go into the rivers, lakes, or oceans and cause water pollution. Africa’s population can also be a big cause of the water pollution because the more the people the less likely to have clean water. Air pollution also causes water pollution by all the mining and the work they have. There could be things in the air to affect the water as well (Causes of Water Pollution

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