Hair Dye Research Paper

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I creep down the short, stuffy aisles of walmart looking for my new target. Darting into the nearest aisle, I zigzag my way through the sweaty, drugged out customers. Finally I come to the aisle that I was searching for, the hair dye aisle. The array of colors is overwhelming for a teenage girl. Do I want to be bombshell blonde or soft goth black? The reds and purples are so inviting, whispering enticing promises of individuality, but alas, they are too bright. I make my way over to the brunettes, looking for a dark brown that meets the natural color I dreamt of. As I crawl on my hands and knees, searching on the floor level shelf, I see the empty space of the color I was longing for. Angrily I pick up two of the next darkest color, soft black, and walk out the store, after paying of course. Finding the best hair dye for the next mid-teenage crisis is only the first step to the finishing look every head of hair is thirsting for. A person, or the dyee, as I will be referring to during the…show more content…
Then sit on the towel covered area while the dyer stands behind the dyee, This is the point where the dyee will trust the dyer with their hair’s life, because if this is done wrong the dyee’s hair can wither up and die like an old lady on her deathbed. Make sure that the dyer is putting enough hair dye to cover all the strands of hair, including the neck, arms, legs, forehead, and most white surfaces. When the head is completely covered in dye, look at the instructions, which the dyee and dyer should be reading instead of this crap essay I had to write for school, and find some numbers followed by the word ‘minutes’. This is how long the dyee has to leave the hair dye on. While waiting, try to swing the dripping wet hair around and onto as many white surfaces as possible, and if possible, try counting the drips as they fly off the hair to make a fun game out of

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