Case Study: Can Polar Bears And People Coexist

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Task 1 Can polar bears and people coexist? Polar bears are the largest land predator on earth today. They live in the Arctic area, surrounded by the northern nations like Norway, Greenland and Canada. The effects of global warming have caused the temperatures to rise, which have led the Arctic ice to melt. Because the polar bears’ territory is shrinking, they are forced to hunt further inland. They usually hunt on the sea ice, but they cannot do that now. A polar bear can starve for months, but they will get even more desperate for food as the time goes. So they are in a state where they are willing to do everything for food, and we do not want to be in the middle of them and another animal. Imagine going for a walk, and then suddenly spot…show more content…
Most scientists claims that global warming is caused by human activities, but there are people who simply deny the existence of global warming. I cannot understand how someone can say that climate change is not caused by humans, the effects are undeniable. Big meteorological corporations have done research that proves that the average yearly temperature have increased over the last 20-30 years. This summer there was a heatwave in central Europe, and the temperatures in Paris was over 30 degrees. In central Germany the temperatures was up to 40 degrees. This is not normal. It will probably become even warmer in the next years. The sea levels are rising, the glaciers are melting, the people in china are wearing masks not to be poisoned or sick by all the pollution in the air, it has become more extreme weather. The people who believes that climate change is not caused by humans, says that the climate have been known to change over time and that we should just look at the current situation as a part of the planet’s natural circle. These people do not even have any scientific proof to backup their claims. The speed of these changes in our climate are too high for there to be another reason for it, except human

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