Importance Of Hand Gathering

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The fullness can be efficiently distributed over a given area by means of gathering which enhances the garment appaearace. Gathers can be observed at yokes line, waist line, neck line, upper and lower edge of sleeves for kid’s and ladies garment. In general, gathering requires twice the amount of material as that of the waist circumference measurement (Chuter 1995). The different ways in which gathering can be carried out is mentioned below. 9.1.1 Gathering by Hand Gathering is achieved by fastening a thread followed by securing with two rows of tacking stitches. The ends of the thread are drawn until the section measures the desired length and the thread is wound round over a bell pin. Fabrics of any weight can be gathered by hand. Additionally, the size of the folds can be varied easily by adjusting the width of the stitches, which cannot be performed in a machine. “The Figure 9.1 show gathering effects made by hand”. Two hand sewing needles are threaded – the threads are doubled and knotted securely at the ends. Then 2 rows of running hand stitches which are 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric and 1/4″ apart from each other are made (Shaeffer 2000). FIGURE 9.1 Gathering by hand (Source: 9.1.2 Gathering by Machine…show more content…
In this case, the machine is adjusted to produce long stitches and the upper tension is reduced slightly. With such configuration, two rows of machine stitches, each ¼” apart are made. Both the bobbin threads are pulled together and stitched to evenly distribute the fullness. For gathering large sections of fabric, the ruffles attachment or gathering foot can be used. Gathering by machine is much faster for lightweight fabrics like cotton lawn, voile, organza, netting etc. Usually, two rows of machine stitching is done down the length to gather, 1/4″ from the edge and 1/4″ apart. (Fairhurst 2008; Fredrerick
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