The Importance Of Love In The Mind

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Love does not exist in many areas, such as your conversations, be aware of your identifications. Do you Judge? This is other than love, it prevents love. Do not forget that love is healing and love is all inclusive, it creates a unity. Recognise your judgements have no basis, to judge another is to judge yourself because if love was present, you would understand certain laws are present that bring about a balance. You will attract to yourself even more reasons to judge and it will be of the same substance as to what you are judging. So, realise now there is no reason to judge, one does this because you see yourself as the most important person and what does not conform to your way of thinking is then judged and, of course, a judge gives a verdict. So, now if you find yourself judging another, realise…show more content…
You can achieve this by expanding your thinking into a different state or way of thinking. Firstly, you have to recognise the two aspects of mind. The brain consciousness is one, and that is what most people use, bring love into your brain consciousness. Then the second aspect, I have mentioned the higher mind, you will automatically attract into your brain consciousness, to achieve this you have to understand that you need to trust that this is so. Now you realise the relationship of your brain consciousness with your heart centre, because if love is present, so is the Spiritual Man. You need to be aware of your lateral thinking and your limitation of truth, because once you place an understanding and identification on something, then it can be nothing else other than what you have identified and understood. Straight away you have limited yourself within the brain consciousness, then all actions with any reference to the subject of your understanding and identification will be limited within a certain sphere, for example, and I am relaying this as it is a physical example of your

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