Importance Of Business Ethics

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Introduction Business ethics has been growing by time and became one of the most important fields of business, for sure to understand the ethics growth throughout the time and it is history , it is important to start with a detail definition of business ethics in a global view. With the growth of technology now days, if you look for the word Ethics you can find thousands of writing in different articles and books about it. Therefore, in this essay i focus on ethics especially in business with an understanding of ethic’s impact in both applied and not applied situations. Here, I understand and define business ethics in a managerial prospective as ‘decisions about what is right or wrong (acceptable or unacceptable) in the organizational context…show more content…
Because the codes of ethics illuminates what type of behaviors a company wish to promote and what activities are considered as unacceptable or forbidden in the environment of the company. The codes of ethics in this context means, the company expects their employees to behave and act due to company’s ethical rules for less misunderstanding on general aspects of “ codes of ethics “ like political ,confidentiality behavior or true information sharing with the organization. For a better practice of a company’s business ethics, a company should clarify the penalties of disrespecting the codes of ethics when they dine each code, and this has to be signed by each employee from top management to the simplest employee especially when companies have big names and a long history within the market. For instance, one of the most obvious stories went very popular on internet and many other articles is the story of YAHOO in management in 2012 where they fired their new CEO after four months in that job simply because they found out that the new CEO lied about his academic credentials on his resume. Looking into this example we can define that YAHOO is one of the companies who cares about it is business ethics and they take proper action for any employee signing on one of the company ethics which is providing correct information about employee and then the information’s are misused. For sure the company understands that if one of the biggest decision makers in the company lies about his personal information can easily make fake information for the company as well like fake figures, fake information and decision. A company like yahoo secures the most
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