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Thinh Nguyen Mrs.Doan English 2P/ Per 5 December 12, 2015 Ethical Responsibility Essay Everyone in this world is capable of acting ethically responsibility. This is proven by people’s self-compassion. In other people to act ethical responsibility, they need to have compassion. Ethical responsibility is an act when someone does a good deed voluntarily. In the editorial titled, “Can the Law Make Us Be Decent?” by Jay Sterling Silver, the author dispute that the government need a law that require people to be ethically responsible to protect those people who need help. Though many may argue that Silver’s argument is erroneous, most will agree that his argument is in fact suitable because many lives will be saved and people will learn things…show more content…
This evidence highlights when the author state that, “A duty to help would not require bystanders to endanger themselves or provide help beyond their abilities; it could simply require warning someone of imminent danger or calling 911” (Silver 1) This piece shows that this law will require people to be ethically responsible and it is urgency to save people who is in danger. Another evidence were found in this editorial, “In many states, Good Samaritans are protected from liability if their well-intentioned efforts inadvertently result in harm.” (Silver 1) This reason depicts that some states had a law to not require people to help when they see people suffering. However, the author believes that this law is ridiculous because many lives will be ruined even people can save it. To put it differently, the author’s point of view was that he believes in being ethically responsible can bring amicable relationships and harmonious…show more content…
The first piece of evidence that support this is located in the essay, “The Man in the Water” by Roger Rosenblatt, “the man in the water” action shows that many people can be rescued if others act ethically responsible. This evidence displays when the author states, “Every time they lowered a lifeline and flotation ring to him, he passed it on to another of the passengers.” (Rosenblatt 1) “The man in the water” is a person who is trying to survive when a plane that he is on crashed. This indicates that “the man in the water” does not scared of facing death and that he want to give up his life for other people to get through this unfortunate event. More importantly, this conveys that “the man in the water” act in an ethical way because his heart desire him to threw the lifeline and the flotation ring to the other victims whose suffering like him. Another evidence that support this is from my own-experienced. It happened to me two years ago, I was walking home alone because my parents have some stuff to take care of. When I am about to cross the street, a man who is driving speed up and turn left where I am standing. However, a strange man, who is about twenty-five year olds, pull me back and save my life. Incidentally, his action shows me that just being ethical responsibility I can save many people's lives just like him. Altogether, by acting in an ethically responsible way, we can reduce

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