Human Rights In Serbia

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After human attitude toward humanity became progressive , rights and morality have existed and expanded among civilized people throughout the world ,and generated human rights. Human rights have become inherent property of humanity. They belong to every person in every land. Definition of human rights in some countries are slightly different ,but all of their objectives are to improve and treat people equally. However, some people in some countries still lack the rights. The most important pieces of human rights are freedoms. Freedom is the most essential principle of humanity and morality. According to former U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt (1941), Four freedoms can be divided into 4 parts which are freedom of speech,…show more content…
In order to solve these freedom from want problems, Serbian respect to human rights needs to improve seriously. To begin with, 6,650 lives of migrants and refugees in Serbia have been encountering problems on lack of standard life conditions. Several services and facilities are insufficient. The major cause of this problem is negative attitude toward different ethics and religions, especially to the migrants and refugees. Most of them moved out from Muslim countries. They came from south and east Europe in European migrant crisis, who are Syrian (46.7%), Afghan (20.9%) and Iraqi (9.4%) (Wikipedia,N.D.). Serbian perspective on migrants and refugees ranks is 135th from 138 countries ,Gallup poll (as cited in Knezevic,2017). Serbians began to hate asylum after a moment because they do not want asylum camps in Serbia any longer. "At the beginning, most people's reaction to the refugees was positive because it was assumed that they would eventually move on," says Nikola Kovacevic (as cited in Knezevic,2017), a lawyer of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights. They have been deficient on many needs such as electricity, shelters,…show more content…
Serbian average income per year is only $5820. They are the 7th poorest countries in Europe (Carmichael,2017). Their minimum wage is only 278.7 $. Their currency had also declined. In 2008, 1 Serbian dinar is equal to 0.002 US dollar, but, on 19/10/2017, it is only 0.001. It has decreased 50 percents in 10 years (XE,2017). Also, many people in Serbia are unemployed. According to CIA’s The world factbook (2016), Serbian unemployment rate is 13.8% which is 158th from 210 countries. Furthermore, Serbia has the highest inequality in income distribution in Europe for past 3 years. 20 percents of workers with high income earn salary 9 times more than the 20 percents of the lowest income workers(FREN, 2017). This gap will make some resources in the country unaffordable for low-income people, according to FREN, Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (2017). Most of money circulation in Serbia is mainly in Belgrade , Serbia’s capital city. As a consequence, other city’s main job is agricultural. People in rural towns are less educated and much poorer in Belgrade especially the southeastern part which is approximately 4 times poorer than the capital city. However, the poverty crisis in Serbia is getting better. In recent years, many big companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, and US Steel have been interested in Serbia (Carmichael, 2017). The unemployment rate decreased from 17.9 % in 2015 to

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