Causes Of Water Crisis Essay

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The world is occupied by seventy percent of water. Only a fraction of this water is considered to be safe for our usage. Within this fraction, most of the usable water is in the form of ice caps, glaciers and surface water. Thus, water being an essential element to human life poses as a concern when dealt with scarcity or availability. That being said, Pakistan faces a severe national problem because of its water crisis; amassing diverse factors which strengthen its roots. On an individual level, people contribute to water crisis by first wasting water in their homes on other purposes than drinking. In streets, broken water lines are ignored, resulting in a continuous waste of water. Furthermore, influential individuals connect their water supply to illegal water distribution chains for a continuous supply of water. Thus, such individual acts accumulate to create a bigger factor which…show more content…
Dara-Bandi is still being practiced in the rural areas of Pakistan. Water is supplied to the farmers on payments. Unfortunately, this supply of water is irrespective of volume to price ratio. As a result, farmers are able to use water in a surplus volume without paying an equivalent amount. This disturbs the water supply to every farmer in terms of water availability. Not only this but other aspects of agriculture also contribute to the growing water crisis in Pakistan. For example, poor irrigational systems. The existing irrigational systems used to support agriculture in Pakistan are outdated and broken. Much of the water supply is wasted as water leaks out and gets absorbed in the nearby land. Secondly, the wastage of water through these irrigational systems produce saline beds; which increases the salinity of water and affects the growth of crops. Thus, such systems not only waste water but also disturb the nutrient contents of

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