Essay On Social Equality

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We live in a modern world with many known fundamental duties and always talk about equal rights and many more things. The major topic about providing equality is there for entire mankind and even for other beings of the world by various ‘Empowerments’ and ‘Laws’. No doubt, that in today's world all women are very much empowered and eligible to deal with any sort of matters, situations and they also are capable of establishing themselves in various sectors and positions of society and the world. With this increasing and developing arena of progressive world people have developed the characteristic of judging others and the basis of this judgement is colour! People at present are very ‘Updated’, ‘Modern’, and ‘Educated’ but despite of being so,…show more content…
“There is no existence of light unless and until there is no darkness”.These lines very well make to reach ecstasy and not feeling bad about having dark coloured skin. Many people talk lot about social equality but their thoughts take a diversion when the topic turns toward making a life partner. Why this entire world filled with immense “Darkness” need only a “Fair” partner or companion? There are instances which prove that not the skin colour but what actually what matter is the skill, talent and most importantly the inner “fairness”. Just for the sake of outer beauty, it do not make any sense of building a bridge between neither the fair and the dark ones nor between the dark people and their approaching success. It does not matter which part of the world one person belong from; the ill thoughts among people make the fair skinned person anyway “good”. Practically, a fair woman has more marriage chances and better offers of marrying up as compared to someone
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