Equality Diversity And Rights In Health And Social Care Essay

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Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care Legislation: Legislation is the act of making a set of laws or single law. Organisational policies: An organisational policy is a statement which explains the intended standards and information of what the aim is, within a document. These statements are carried out in organisations and sets out the expectations of the organisation. Codes of practice: The codes of practice are the lists of rules which are set for workers to work by in practice. The code describes the expectations and standards of work that is required, to ensure that people know what the principles are. Rules of conduct: Codes of conduct are the lists of information which directs health and social care workers in…show more content…
There are tow main types of discrimination within this. Direct discrimination is when a person is unfairly treated due to a certain characteristic such as age. An example of this in a health and social care setting may be that an employer decides to not enforce a promotion, to an employee, due to the fact that they believe the employee is too old for the job. Indirect discrimination is when a person is being discriminated on because they are disadvantages within specific criteria. This could occur if an employer is seeking recruitment of people who have been experienced in a particular work area for a certain length of time and an individual who is looking at that job only has just finished their education. Equality Act protects people from harassment. For example, in hospital wards for patients with long-term illnesses, harassment is not tolerated. The Equality Act protects patients from harassment from staff workers by promoting codes of practice, rules of conduct and charters to ensure that the patients are cared for and legally treated fairly. The Equality Act promotes anti-discriminatory practice within health and social care settings, by setting out the rules and codes of practice within the

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