Rubin Vs Gubata

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The two stories “The New Feminism” by Kate Gubata, and “The Farce of Feminism” but Rebecca E. Rubins are more alike than different. Although, they are more similar they do have a few differences. The stories are more alike because most of their stories use story, definition, and examples. The two differences of their stories is one uses compare and contrast and they put their thesis statements in different places. Gubata places her thesis “Feminists embody the characteristics of free thought, openness to ideas, and the desire to pool resources with all the people willing to work for equality” (Gubata 595) toward the end of her essay in paragraph eight. While Rubins places her thesis “Feminism is an outdated, misdirected ideology that perpetuates the very ills it condemns and harms women much more than it helps them” (Rubins 598) places her thesis at the beginning of her essay in paragraph two.…show more content…
Gubata starts her essay out with telling a story about a girl named Jane, telling what she likes and what she believes in. Gubata also uses description to describe Jane and what she likes. She states, “Jane is pro-choice. Jane loves chocolate. She likes boys who wear Abercrombie and Fitch. She believes in human rights and equality for men and women” (Gubata 594). Rubins also uses story and description in her introduction as well. Rubins tells a story about a woman coming up to her at an activity fair, asking her questions about women. Rubins uses description too describe the woman by saying, “…I was accosted by an energetic young woman from a women’s issues group…” (Rubins

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