Liquid Pressure Research Paper

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PRESSURE Pressure is defined as the force acting perpendicularly or normally per unit area on a surface. P = F/A where F = force, A = area. The derived unit of pressure is Nm-2 or Pasca (Pa). The magnitude of pressure increases when: (i) the size of the force is increased (ii) the area of contact where the force acts is decreased. Flat shoes for example exert low pressure while shoes with pointed soles exert more pressure on the ground. Example 1: (a) (b) 3m 7m 3m…show more content…
The deeper an object sinks in a liquid, the more the pressure on it. This is because the weight of liquid above the object is increased (See Fig. 1 below). (ii) The pressure in a liquid at the same depth is the same in all directions. The pressure at any point in the liquid acts equally in all directions (See Fig. 2 below). (iii) A liquid will always rise to the same level. (See Fig. 3 below) Note: The rise of a liquid in a vessel does not depend on its shape but on the height of the liquid above a common base. (iv) The pressure in different liquids at the same depth varies directly with density. Pressure of a liquid depends on its density. (v) Pressure is transmitted uniformly in all directions in a liquid. The pressure at all points at the same level within a liquid is the same. P1 C P2 B A B C P3

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