Baju Kurung History

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Historically, baju kurung supposed to be related with the dress 'djallabiyah' which originated in Egypt, where it is interpreted as a loose shirt. It is difficult to prove exactly since when baju kurung was first created and used by the Malays. The question of who is first to produce and wear baju kurung arises because in its original form has been used by various ethnic groups in the archipelago. Based on some of the information; Archjadi Judi (1986), baju kurung was introduced in Indonesia by Muslim traders and India. However, the deduction is also believed that this shirt has received a Middle Eastern influences like tunic shaped neck incision, the neck shape is first used by the ancient Arabs. During the Age of the Malacca Sultanate, the people have had their own clothing, the original Malay baju kurung, dresses worn by them was then in a state different from the strict and short kurung now loose and long. Based on the information Malay History, Tun Hassan Temenggung was the first to modify the original design baju Melayu shirt design worn now.…show more content…
He also said the popular clothing in Sumatra in the 20th century. Tenas Effendy (1989) has raised the old expression in Riau province, the area closest to the Malay Malaysia (Peninsular Malaya) about baju kurung. Baju kurung is described by her baju kurung bay pot or stitches sewn with eel bones in the neck that looks smooth and neat. This dress is a dress women who are courteous and dress every member in the community for various functions and

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