Equality In Health And Social Care Essay

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Equality Equality is to make sure that everyone is being treated equally and not put in to a certain category because of who they are, certainly not because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, and age. All the service users as well as staff should be treated fairly and equally. If an employee does not want to help the service users because of their race this is not providing equal opportunity to the service user. Equity Equity means giving everyone the right and equal rights so they are able to use all the facilities. In a health and social care setting it is important that everyone is treated equally without discrimination and also giving them the same opportunity as everyone else. For example in a residential care home the activity that would be taking place in the home they should have a certain activity for everyone participate in and everyone should have the choice weather they would like…show more content…
The equality act covers the nine characteristic by the British law. For example if someone is unable to go their placement and not allowed to because of their gender the legislation act would protect then and would allow the case to go court. That is why no one should be discriminated under the nine characteristic by law Stereotyping Stereotyping is when people put an individual into a certain category because of how they dress their race, religion and many more characteristic. Stereotyping can be positive and also negative. For example people who are at the residential care homes are old service users who are frail, weak and lonely. Another example in a day care the staff will give toys to according to their gender this is another stereotyping. Stereotyping is based when a person puts another person in a certain category for example if they wearing dark colours or dark make up the person would be class them as gothic or an
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