Equality In Health And Social Care Essay

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In a health and social care setting, individuals have many different needs in order to be in an equal and diverse health and social care setting. Equality Equality is treating individuals in a health and social care setting equally regardless of their colour, age, gender and ethnicity. For example it would not be equal if two people had the same condition which was written in English, if one of the people spoke another language and did not understand English at all. Equity Equity is to be able to be fair. For example, in a health and social care setting, any type of treatment can only take place if the needs and requirements of individuals are met. Also, individuals should be able to access to any type of health and social care services if…show more content…
Empowerment can take place in a health and social care environment. For example a old person who is still able to do things themselves should be allowed to eat their food without a staff helping them as this shows the power they have. Racism Racism is when people treat each other differently or unfairly because of the different ethnic community they belong to. Racism can take place in a health and social care environment. For example when a group of people talk to each other, it would be racism if people do not accept each other to join in the discussion just because of their race. Sexism Sexism is when somebody gets discriminated because of their gender. Sexism is likely to take place in a health and social care environment. For example, there are still jobs where men get earned more money compared to women even though both of them get the same position of work. Homophobia Homophobia is when people have a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards people who are homosexual. Homophobia might lead individuals to hate and fear other people who are homosexual. If people have fear towards other people who are homosexual, this can cause people to usually discriminate them. For example, some religions are against to religions with the same
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