Bharti Airtel Case Study

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Smart Global marketing objective From pestl, swot and five porter analysis we can say that the company will find difficult in first stage as the market will be new for company. But Greece is in crisis so the government will allowed more foreign investor to FDI allowed to work in Greece but due to crisis there is negative sign of investor but the current situation of FDI is improving as many countries is supporting. The main mission of the company how to influencing the people about the product. To provide cheap service at good and affordable rate so people will show trust on the product. The company have good marketing sense in Asia and African continent so it will provide more experience in European market. Specific- the Bharti…show more content…
The main problem for Bharti Airtel will be survival in the Greece market if company not doing good business with Cyta Greece. Alternative mode of entry So for Bharti Airtel if they don’t want go with joint venture with Cyta Greece the best alternative option for Bharti Airtel is to go with direct mode of entry. As the joint venture is good option for Bharti Airtel but there are some pros and cons which will face by Bharti Airtel if they go with joint venture. Initially the project cost for Bharti Airtel will be high if they do direct mode of entry in Greece because lot of research, market studies and behavior of people about service but for Airtel the Athens should be good option to choose the market as Athens is populated compare to other parts of Greece. The risk of finance and market study will be tough but choosing one city is good option for Bharti Airtel. As Airtel is making good profit in other part of countries and leading company in India. So Bharti Airtel have the power to invest in Greece economy. And the good thing about Greece is they don’t discriminate between foreign company and local…show more content…
But the position strategy for Bharti Airtel will be critical as the service will be new to people and they will face difficulty to choose service. Position strategy is mainly depend on rank of the company in world. As Bharti Airtel is world renowned company and they are doing good business in Asia and Africa. For Europe different strategies (promotion, discount, schemes etc.) should have to be used to capture the position in market as well as in peoples mind. So position strategy played important in terms of profit for the

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