Social Policy Analysis

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What is the purpose of social policy analysis? Introduction: This essay will focus on the significant purpose of social policy in our forever expanding society. I will examine why it is necessary to assess social policies and how to result in an efficient outcome that will benefit all who it effects. The main question we must ask when analysing social policies is, does the policy fix the social problem? While trying to answer this vital question we must take certain steps which I will examine and explore in this essay. What is a social policy? There is a variety of definitions to what exactly a social policy is but one that caught my eye was John Hills (1997), Social policy can be described as a field of activity decided upon and implemented…show more content…
What social policies are? (What the specific government policy contains) 2. How social policies are developed? (How new social policies are conceived by the public) 3. Why social policies exist? (To improve social problems in the society) In their study they briefly describe the formation of social policies and how they are enforced, they give the principle of a policy. Blakemore and Warick-Booth also examine the equality needed to form a reliable policy. Criteria necessary to consider when developing social policies. Culture can have a major impact on the development on a policy due to varied beliefs and expectations that certain cultures have, we need to consider all cultures that will be affected by the policy in question and accumulate a policy that benefits all, with minimal conflict and provide equality to all. J. Taylor Danielson and Robin Stryker (2014) explain how “diverse aspects of culture play cognitive, normative-evaluative, and strategic roles in social policy development.” Therefore conveying that culture is a major influence on the development of certain policies. Population is an important factor as the majority of the population in favour of certain aspects within a policy will over rule. We need population to marginalise weather the policy is working sufficiently or if alterations need to be…show more content…
If a social policy can be seen as reliable its existence is consistent. Reversible: If a social policy is reversible with minor implications it is seen as successful, having a policy reversible is due to the regular changes in society. Low-Risk: Having the likeliness to succeed without any major implications is a positive factor. The lower the risk of a policy the more likely it is to proceed and make a difference in society. Stable: Having the ability to stay consistent even through social changes. Cost effective: Having a firm impact on society within a reasonable cost that will not have a negative impact on the

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