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It has been broadly accepted that sales promotion has been an effective marketing method used by companies to influence consumers, the way they think, as well as their purchasing behaviour. Sales promotions have been effect used as an incentive tool, particularly to increases short term sales and to attract new consumers to a store. This strategy has been proven to be very successful. Kotler (1997) emphasize that sales promotions consist of a short-term incentive to encourage purchases of consumers. This review will examine a number of academic sources and past reviews that elaborate more on the effectiveness of sales promotions and how it influences consumer behaviour. As consumers are faced with various stimuli to respond to the market,…show more content…
However, sales promotions are usually used to attract new and current customers and increasing the sales of the organisation, therefore they are retail and consumer orientated. According to Dr. Shu-ling Liao (2006), consumer promotions are the forms in which manufacturers can offer promotional deals directly to consumers. The most common types of sales promotions used in this regard are coupons, contests, value packs, refunds and so forth. In retail promotions, which is the focus of this study, retailers can provide direct incentives to their consumers by offering product displays, price cuts, premiums and free gifts. (Dr. Shu-ling Liao,…show more content…
These promotions must be properly planned, organised and integrated into the marketing plan of the organisation in order for it to effectively influence the consumers’ buying behaviour. This study has also shown that there is a positive relationship between sales promotions and buying behaviour of consumers, and therefore sales promotion is an important component of any organisation’s overall marketing strategies together with advertising, public relations and personal

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