The Importance Of Diversity Management

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Case 1 Introduction of the case problem Victoria has to deal with an increasingly diverse group of workers in her department. Diversity management would help her to deal with it. I will be suggesting ways on how she can effectively manage diversity in the work environment. As the head of department in the organisation Victoria should learn about diversity management because of problem of increasingly diverse group of workers in her department. By Griffin (2011, P. 39) diversity means the difference between people. In organisation diversity can be divided to age, race, and ethnicity, gender, ability/disability, and sexual orientation. By learning diversity management Victoria can solve the problem more effectively. Diversity management is a…show more content…
A team will have a team leader as a leadership on a group to control it. Team likes a boat that having peopled to manage and team leader likes captain that control the boat and lead people. Team has become increasingly popular in the multinational companies in Malaysia. What is effective management? Effective management (Aimee, 2015) is a team’s ability to achieve desired results. How well they apply their skills and abilities in guiding and directing others determines whether they can effectively meet those results. The effectiveness of teams may be based on the extent to which the team success its goal and performs on behalf of the overall organization. Previous research has, at times, failed to note ways in which teams are embedded in integrated organization… (Ilgen, P.129-137).Lucas is a new team leader and this is his first leadership assignment. What should Victoria give some…show more content…
Victoria must let Lucas know that the team efficacy as a team’s perceived capability to perform that management can increase the team efficacy by helping the team to achieve small successes and skill training. The greater the abilities of team members, the greater the team will raise confidence. Then, Lucas should also know how to decrease the social loafing. This problem occurs when members reduce their efforts and performance levels when acting as a part of group. To reduce the impact of members shirking their duties and ensure that are fully members of the team, (Judge and Chandle, P.468-486) suggested to keep teams smaller in size, specialize task so that individual member contributions are identifiable ,measure individual performance ,and select only motivated employees when building

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