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Pham Ngoc Phuong Trinh K38.751.142 There is the saying “Study not what the world is doing, but what you can do for it” which implies how you can apply what you study in your daily life. This Internship has brought me a chance to practice what I have learned at the university. My main concern is to work at the HR department, I applied many jobs that relevant to that field. Surprisingly, I was employed by Tinh Te company in a Sales Representative position. I felt extremely nervous because I have no interest as well as knowledge in this field. My dad gave me strength to take that job by saying: “You never know how far you could go. Just try it.” Due to the limited of this essay, I would like to represent about the overall of this company, as well…show more content…
Indeed, Tinh Te has focused on improving the products as well as the competitive price. Tinh Te manufactures their own products, distributes directly to the retailers via their Sales Representative team. Therefore, when the products reach the customers, it is much cheaper compared to the other brands. They focus on improving the Marketing Mix to increase the Sales, but the main goals of Tinh Te is to gain the customers loyalty. Furthermore, the Salesman are hoped to react with a good attitude toward customer.Because it is a start up company, it is important to attract more customers, their Sales and Marketing team work together to contribute to the company’s ongoing success. For every two months, they changed their promotion strategy, therefore their Salesman should update the policy constantly. Each Salesman or the Sales Representative should reach a target budget of selling and inform the numbers to the Sales Manager. The lateness of deadline and misbehavior to customers are not allowed. Even though Tinh Te is a small and young company but their business is stable. They are expanding their business intensively. For the first year of operating, Tinh Te has many return customers with good…show more content…
Monthly sales are completed and even reached higher than target. Moreover, the communication and coordination between departments is going on very well. Within 3 years, the company has maintained the market, and get the confidence from clients. Although the company has achieved many successes, however there are still some drawbacks. Instead of focusing on the four factors of the Marketing Mix, the company focuses on two factors, therefore, the operation of goods have some difficulty. The company encountered difficulties in transporting goods, because they focus on niche markets of the countryside, the transportation depends on the timing of the transportation company. In some cases, customers complain about delayed delivery because the company cannot control the transport process. That leads to the loss of some potential customers. Moreover, the company focused on reducing costs, without focusing on the development of product designs. ( vận chuyển kém, chính sách nhận viên chưa cuồn hút, mẫu mã chưa đa dạng,chính sách thay đổi liên tục, promotion còn kém) Rút ra bài học kinh nghiệm cho ab43n thân, đề nghị cho công ty. I am very thankful to have a chance working at Tinh Te Limited. For me, having been working in uninteresting field, It is a golden opportunity to prove myself that I can do well if I put an effort on it. Through this Intern, I have improved my communication skills, and the

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