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Introduction Uniqlo is a Japanese brand and Asia’s biggest clothing retailer, as well as the third most pro table fashion brand in the world, only behind industry rivals Zara and H&M (Industry Ranking, 2017).This brand targets a wide range of consumers and promotes timeless fashion to them. In just two decades, Uniqlo grew from a single suburban retail outlet in Hiroshima, Japan, to the fashion behemoth that it is today, with agship stores in every major global city (Lee, 2016). Despite the global economy not reaching its predicted values , unitl November 2016, Uniqlo increased its 145 international stores to 1009 (Fast Marketing Co., Ltd, 2016). The number of stores in mainland China is over 500 (Zhou, 2017), which means that Uniqlo has enjoyed…show more content…
Innovative new fabrics and staining technology are two unique selling points of Uniqlo. Uniqlo always strives to satisfy the needs of consumers by creating new fabrics. Since Uniqlo achieved great success with POLATEC, it has continued to improve and create new fabrics (Liang, 2015). Now, Uniqlo’s priority is developing new fabrics, followed by Uniqlo designers creating designs that use the new fabrics (Maeil Business Newspaper, 2013). New fabrics provide product benefits to the consumers, such as Airism in the summer and Heattech in the winter.Those new fabrics are creating interest and desire from customers. Also, consumers can get an augmented concept through comfortable, breathable fabrics (Airism), and light and warm fabrics (Heattech). Fig.10 Fig.11 Furthermore, this brand has developed advanced staining technology and produces clothes in about 90 different colours (UNIQLO 88 COLORS MOVIE, 2010). The consumers are likely to be satis ed with the large variety of colours. In the consumer’s mind, the variety of colours is one of the product attributes of Uniqlo. Although Uniqlo’s products are basic, the consumers from different age groups can choose products in different colours. For example, teenagers are likely to choose brightly-coloured garments. Although the products are simple, innovative technologies can assist Uniqlo in differentiating itself from the products of other brands. Customers are willing to purchase…show more content…
The promotion of these two unique points can be understood. The new fabric technology has been promoted on social media and the online shopping website through videos and images. Uniqlo has used its products to build colourful visual effects in store and the window displays to promote itself. Uniqlo promotes its products in different ways to improve the awareness of the public. If the public is aware of and interested in Uniqlo’s products, the company can make more sales, which is one of the main objectives of a company. As a result, promotion and product strategy are inextricably

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