The Importance Of Sovereignty In Singapore

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Assessment 2 Position Paper Introduction Sovereignty is one of the central principles of organizing states of the system of states. It is the supreme power or authority of a state to govern itself such as executing and applying laws, forming treaties or engaging in commerce with other countries. Sovereignty gives the state an authority to manage its external and internal affairs. Sovereignty can also be regarded as the possession of absolute authority within a bounded space of a territory. Sovereignty is ensured by participating into international relations and diplomacy. Today sovereignty has many challenges associated with it such as economic and social processes which are increasingly failing to comply with borders of nation states. Furthermore,…show more content…
An increasing dissatisfaction against PAP (People Action Party) can be seen in Singapore where minority people in the multi-ethnic society of Singapore keep raising their issues of rights such as putting the interest of Singaporeans first. A manpower policy that advocates hiring "Singaporeans first" will not benefit the economy in the long term (PAP Amy Khor, 2014). This will cause unhappiness among Singaporeans as the PAP continue to introduce more immigrants to the already densely populated Singapore. The Republic is at a point where it has “no choice” but to curb foreign workforce, as there is a need to solve the “problem” of unbridled population growth created by the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). (Gerald Chiam, Worker Party). Soon, the opposition parties would gain many support from…show more content…
The survival and development of Singapore being a globalized and open economy depend on a stable and peaceful regional environment (Ho & Pardesi, (2004). Thus, the defence policy of Singapore has two pillars- deterrence and diplomacy. Deterrence is provided through strong SAF, national service, Total Defence and steady spending to enhance the defence capabilities. Singapore understands that a small nation like Singapore can thrive and survive only in a world where states respect sovereignty and interactions between various states are ruled by law (The Sovereignty of Small States,

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