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GoPro’s Marketing Strategy Founded by Nick Woodman, this California based company is the mastermind behind the action camera that is considered to be the world’s most versatile camera. The main outline and purpose of this mountable video camera was originally aimed towards extreme sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. This action camera would be basically wearable and mountable practically anywhere, giving the target group the ability to share their memorable moments and/or experiences with others. The aim of GoPro’s marketing strategy has remained the same from the start. To create the world’s most versatile camera and share unique experiences with the world. The following subjects will be further elaborated on, during the course of this essay; • History • Internal environment • Customer environment • Market positioning • Marketing strategy & implementation…show more content…
The idea has risen after a surf trip to Australia in 2002 by Woodman, in which he had in mind to capture high quality action videos and photos of his experience. Nevertheless, this was not the case, for photographers were not able to get close enough or acquire high quality equipment at reasonable prices. Woodman’s aspiration for a device able to capture professional angles inspired the name; GoPro. He raised some of the initial capital for his company by selling bead and shell belts out of his van and later on, fashionable camera straps. Additionally, his parents invested over $200,000. In 2004, the company made its first sale, which was a camera that used 35 millimeter film. Digital still and video camera were introduced later on. As of 2014, a fixed lens 170 degree wide angle HD video camera was available for sale with the option of 360 video (360 degrees) by paring two more

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