Essay On Role Of Women

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ROLE OF WOMEN IN CORPORATE WORLD Dr. SEEMA SHARMA Assistant Professor A.S College, Khanna 141401, Punjab (INDIA) E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________________ Abstract The role of women in business is vital and they contribute a huge amount to the local economy. For many the choice of a successful career and having children is no longer an issue. Thanks to flexible working, latest technology and the improved attitude to women in the workplace. Women have enough potential to change their own economic status as well as their nation’s economic status. In the current situations women are more educated than the previous time. Present women are considered equal to men. There are still number of barriers blocking women’s career path to leadership positions. Some barriers are related to the women themselves, some of them…show more content…
In the societies dominated by muscle power and money power, men determine the conditions governing the terms of relationship between man and woman. In the present scenario women are increasingly gaining financial power as well as status through business success, and quality education. The social position of women is determined by their economic position. The relationships between males and females roles are in transition around the globe. If we talk about India, a developing country Women became a driving force of the socio-economic development of the nation after the independence. Big networks of women groups such as NGOs, associations and co-operatives have played an important role in providing empowerment initiatives which resulted in socio-economic development and income generating activities. But in developing countries, working women still facing several
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