Success Essay: The Laws Of Success

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Success is in fact, everyone's ultimate goal - all of us want to embrace success in all facets of human life. In reality, to live rich is one of man's manifestations of success. Yes, it is true that everyone aspires to be rich and to be successful, yet most have no idea on how to attain success. What is also sad for most people is that, they do not exert effort in analyzing the causes of their failure. Instead of looking for ways on how to cope up and start anew, they just sit down and do nothing. It should always be remembered that men and women of all ages can be successful. However, they must first understand and practice the laws of success. The law of success follows certain formulas which people must inculcate in their minds and must…show more content…
Yes, it is true that without good health, man is horribly handicapped if not totally cut off from achieving his goals and desires in life. Man is supposed to be healthy both physically and mentally in order for him not to be hard up in accomplishing his plans. With respect to physical health, man must always have sufficient sleep, exercise, plenty of fresh air, a balance diet, cleanliness and proper elimination. On the other hand, for man to be considered mentally healthy, then he should fill his mind with positive thoughts. He must be enthusiastic and optimistic towards the achievement of his goals. A mental attitude of confidence and emotional balance must prevail. To become truly successful, then man must have the energy, drive, or the constant propulsion to achieve what he aspires for. He must have that inner passion to prod him towards the realization of his objectives. In addition to, man should also learn how to be flexible and resourceful whenever obstacles arise. He must bear in mind that such obstacles are only part of the race and that he must be flexible and resourceful enough in solving the problems that impede the realization of his goal. Lastly, man must persevere and must continue to seek for the guidance of God in achieving all his goals in
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