Essay On Role Of Women In Society

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Do the women in society is in the home? Some people with the traditional mind set are agreeing this statement, but the modern mind set disagrees. People with traditional mind set will think men are domain than women include in working ability and strength. They think men are physically, intellectually and morally stronger than women. So, men supposed to work outside and earn money to support family, then women just stay at home to taking care other family members and maintain housework. For example, parents with traditional mind set are not allowing their daughter have chance to get education and opportunity to work outside. Even if parents allow women to study, but according to the finance problem, they will abandon academic to help family to earn money in home and save the cost. Time is over and over, the rapid development of science and technology influences the role of women in society. Nowadays, machines gradually replace house work, so that women can spend more time for…show more content…
So, we cannot disagree women should stay in home or working outside. A lot of elements such as finance, family, social emotion, time, background and religion will affect the role of women in the society. For example, depend the status of economy in the country, most of the country have problems are currency inflation and value of money devaluation. It causes the price of daily products increasing, so the family’s outcome overloads the budget. Therefore, the pressure given by the social, it force women leave from home to working. But other cases like some of the women maybe cannot afford outcome of the family, so they need to share responsibility to overcome the spending in the home. Conversely, some of the women willing join to the social. They don’t want to depend on family otherwise they more willing to earn money to take care family and own pocket money to buy things they
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