Effects Of Cigarettes On Society

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Cigarettes: The Ill Effects It Has Brought Upon To Society The popularity of tobacco among modern society grew at a very rapid pace ever since the unwarranted discovery of it. Throughout the century, people have come up with innovative ways to consume tobacco, such as snuffing or chewing it. (Levinthal 248) Yet these methods were soon overshadowed by the introduction of cigarettes and the future favoured it for a few reasons. Cigarettes are short, slender, light and very convenient. Hence, was deemed fit for a modern era as opposed to the much socially intolerable and unhealthy method of chewing tobacco and having its remains spitted onto the streets (Brandt 50). Most opposition to smoking was disregarded during the outbreak of World War 1.…show more content…
Cigarettes were then rationed to soldiers through groups like the YMCA. (Brandt 51) This painted a better picture of cigarettes and eventually promoted its use even after the war. Fast-forward to present day, cigarettes are now deeply embedded in our modern society. Opponents of bans have argued on the reasons of why immediate banning of cigarettes is detrimental to society. For example, if immediate bans on cigarettes were to be imposed, tobacco companies will then no longer be in operation. This will result in as many as 414,000 people to become jobless, as well as leaving a void of government tax losses (Brand). Tax revenues in the UK alone amounts to 12.3 billion from 2012 – 2013 (Tobacco Manufacture’s Association). Wouldn’t cutting off this stream of revenue be devastating for any country? Smoking is also seen as a individualistic choice and banning it is similar to limiting one’s rights. Hudson concluded on how the United States is a free country, yet strict bans will ultimately result in people living…show more content…
Youngsters these days are no strangers to the existence of cigarettes and it’s health risks, yet today’s society seems to publicly endorse smoking. Physician Michael Beach and her colleagues in the Dartmouth study had found that about 60 percent of smoking in popular Hollywood films had been rated G, PG and PG-13, all of which are youth-accessible films. (qtd. in Batchelor 58). This brings up questions on the effects of these films on teenagers, which could possibly convince them that: “smoking is acceptable since my idols on the big screens are doing it too.” Armed with such a mindset, and fueled by peer pressure, the probability of smoking amongst teenagers will undoubtedly increase. The very fabric of our society has been affected by its existence, endorsed till the point it has become a way to elevate one’s image, or what teenagers call ‘cool’. Working adults, especially those with families, that smoke may face a chain of problems other than their own health. “Like father, like son.” is an old folk phrase that succinctly sums up the idea that parents are the direct role models of their own child. (Stephens) Hence, parents who smoke on a regular basis may have children interpreting their actions as an endorsement for their own. In addition to this, the children of irresponsible parents may suffer from second-hand smoking, which is equally hazardous. The

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